Products Available From Sundance Solar

Sundance Solar Systems can provided virtually any solar or wind energy product to our customers. We continue to research available technologies and products for function, reliability, warranty, and price and offer our recommendations for on and off-grid applications.

Currently our choice for off-grid or grid-tie backup systems is the Outback Power line of inverters, charge controllers, and balance of system components.

For straight grid-tie systems we suggest a variety of inverters. Fronius (, Sunnyboy ( are two of our top choices.

We choose modules based on electrical characteristics, robust design, efficiency, manufacturer, and price. We currently offer a diversity of modules from Canadian Solar, SolarWorld, Hanwha Q-Cell and more.  We choose Modules to fit an individual's need, aesthetics, layout, and space.

NABCEP Certified

PV Installation Professional
Henry Dykema
Cert # 041704-11